Laminas Project, the enterprise-ready PHP Framework and components

A community-supported, open source continuation of Zend Framework.

Components and MVC
Enterprise-ready PHP components and MVC framework

Components for any PHP application, including dependency injection, event dispatchers, input validation and filtering, pagination and navigation, feed generation and parsing, and much, much more.

A standards-based, event-driven MVC framework with a flexible workflow.

Laminas documentation
PHP Middleware in Minutes

Build PHP middleware applications, using the PSR-7 (HTTP Messages) and PSR-15 (HTTP Request Handlers) specifications, using a variety of routing and templating options, and the dependency injection container you prefer.

Mezzio documentation
API Tools
Build Beautiful RESTful APIs

Build RESTful APIs using standards such as Hypertext Application Language and Problem Details for HTTP APIs, and provide validation, authentication, authorization, and versioning right out of the box!

API Tools documentation


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